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SPE/IADC Virtual International
Drilling Conference and Exhibition

8–12 March 2021 | Online



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Industry Insight

Discover the Latest Updates, Insights and Interviews for the Drilling Community!

Expect exciting news developments, interactive live broadcasts, thought-provoking articles and insightful podcasts for all your drilling needs ahead of our virtual event.

SPE Drilling and Completions 

SPE Drilling and Completions 

SPE Drilling & Completion features papers covering horizontal and directional drilling, drilling fluids, bit technology, sand control, perforating, cementing, well control, completions, and drilling operations.
SPE Journal

SPE Journal

SPE Journal includes fundamental research papers on all aspects of engineering for oil and gas exploration and production.

Book Store

Book Store

Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering, an update of the classic Applied Drilling Engineering (Textbook Series Vol. 2), takes a new look at the basics of drilling engineering.

This broadcast: 1-on-2 interview with NOV experts who will provide perspectives and developments in drilling automation. The conversation will take the vantage points from both across the industry and within NOV.

Topics of discussion:

  •  Short history on main operations that have been automated to date
  • Current bottlenecks
  • Future innovations
  • Customer uptake
  • New skillsets for future rig crews


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