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Submission Deadlines

Form Due Date Submit To
Draft Manuscript Due 18 October 2023 OneDrive - Upload Link 
Transfer of Copyright Form/Policy (pdf). 

One form must be submitted from each author on the manuscript

16 November 2023 Refer to Author Notification Email
Paper Information Form (pdf) 16 November 2023 Refer to Author Notification Email

Manuscript Template (docx)
Complete this form with current information for each author  

16 November 2023 Refer to Author Notification Email
Speaker Release Form (pdf)    
Technical / ePoster Session Presentation (ppt) 06 February 2024 Session Chairpersons


Manuscript Information

Please ensure you allow enough time for your manuscript to be approved by senior management/stakeholders.

Your session chairpersons will be reviewing a DRAFT of your manuscript. This is to improve the quality of the technical program and avoid any commercialism. The deadline for submitting your DRAFT Manuscript to your session chairperson is Wednesday, 18 October 2023.  In an effort to optimize this review process, please upload it to this OneDrive folder.

DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR DRAFT INTO THE ONLINE SYSTEM. Instead, upload it to the OneDrive folder for review by your session chairpersons. They will review and if applicable, advise you of any revisions to make before submitting your FINAL manuscript and forms online on or before the Manuscript deadline of Wednesday, 16 November 2023.


Knowledge Sharing ePosters

All ePosters will take place at Galleon (Level 1).

You will have 15 minutes for your presentation and any Q&A. Per the guidelines provided, please be sure to include the following information in the header or footer on each slide:
•    Paper number
•    Paper title
•    Presenter's name
•    Slide number (ex: Slide 1 of 10)

Company logos should appear only on the first slide. The last slide (Acknowledgement, thanks) may include company names but logos should not be used.

You will need to submit your PowerPoint presentation to your session chairperson for review by Tuesday, 06 February 2024.
Please bring the final version of the presentation with you to the conference on a USB drive.

When you arrive at the venue, please report to Speaker Check-In to confirm your participation at your scheduled time. We ask that you be prepared to fill in during a technical session should there be a no-show or late withdraw.

View the date and time of your presentation in the online agenda.

Speaker Collaboration Area 

This year the conference will feature a NEW Speaker Collaboration Area where you will be able to meet attendees and continue the conversation outside the technical session room, on the exhibit floor. This is your opportunity to enhance the knowledge-sharing and networking experience.

IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
5-7 March 2024 | Galveston Island Convention Center | Galveston, Texas