Plenary Session II – Energy Transition

10 Mar 2022
Grand Ballroom B

As the energy transition continues, public and private companies across all corners of the oil & gas community are being challenged:  How does your company perform as an environmental steward?  How will your company adapt for success as the world pivots to alternative energy supplies?  Will your company lead in the energy transition or follow? Amidst the pandemic, it is clear that the health and welfare of our people take priority. Other challenges such as disruptive supply chains and turbulent commodity prices must also be met. However, to succeed in this industry we must address the energy transition priorities in addition to these other challenges. This panel is composed of experts from many different facets of the oil & gas industry including a major multinational operator, a leading onshore US operator, a major offshore drilling contractor, and service providers with global reach. The panel will discuss the opportunities that our industry has to lead in the energy transition, rather than defend against it - our capabilities and expertise in the energy space are uniquely positioned to deliver balanced value as the world's energy demands change and increase. This session will challenge us to consider options for a sustainability strategy including carbon sequestration, hydrogen, geothermal, wind, solar, and other areas where the oil & gas sector has a unique expertise to deliver to an energy-hungry world. Please join us for a disruptive and dynamic panel session that is sure to challenge!

Morten Kelstrup - COO, Maersk Drilling
Eric Sirgo - Vice President, Facilities Designs & Solutions, Chevron Technical Center, Chevron
Rakesh Jaggi - Senior Vice President – Sales & Commercial, Schlumberger
Marshall Adkins
Marshall Adkins - Managing Director – Head of Energy, Raymond James

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