Diversity and Inclusion

09 Mar 2022

The IADC and SPE are committed to delivering a balanced agenda around Diversity and Inclusion, to support member companies as they strive to address the gap in the Oil & Gas Sector. In 2022 the IADC conference in Galveston will host a session that allows delegates to explore the challenges facing the industry and hear first- hand, how it can be addressed. This initiative aims to build on the efforts already being undertaken at individual company levels to attract, develop and retain female staff - especially in technical and senior management roles, and to remove barriers that may currently hinder or discourage women from rising through the ranks into leadership roles. However, this year’s event does not only discuss gender diversity. Global and sexual orientation diversity are discussed as an integral part to an inclusive and dynamic workplace. The aim is to address the factors contributing to diversity and inclusion in all forms and to advantage all companies, their owners and shareholders through the incremental performance and value that parity will generate. This is good for our people, good for our stakeholders, and good for our business.

Mike Garvin, Sr. Vice President, Operations - Patterson-UTI
Mike Garvin
Mike Garvin, Sr. Vice President, Operations - Patterson-UTI

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