27 Well Placement

Thursday, 9 March
Technical Session
Session Chairperson(s)
Marcel Boucher - NOV Inc.
Adrian Ledroz - Gyrodata Inc.
  • 1530-1600 212492
    Definitive Survey Methodology. Update to an Old Concept for Higher Reliability
    L.I. Oliveira, A.T. Neves, Gyrodata; F. Laroca, C. Franceschi, A.C. Naschenveng, F.A. Lopes, Petrobras; A.G. Ledroz, Gyrodata Inc.; A.A. Carrasquilla, Norte Fluminense State Universidade
  • 1600-1630 212465
    Drilling Three-mile Laterals Tighter and Safer With a New Magnetic Reference Technique
    A. Pare, N.J. Cosca, A. Berarducci, G. Crookston, R. Paynter, Helmerich & Payne
  • 1630-1700 212510
    A Comparison of High-resolution Trajectory Methods and Their Impact on Drilling Data Analysis
    M. Willerth, L. Heintzelman, Helmerich & Payne; J. Bauman, Hunt Oil Company; A. Mansour, T. Gee, K. McCarthy, A.M. Mitkus, P. Reynerson, T. Ziehm, Helmerich & Payne
  • Alternate 212535
    An Innovative Workflow for Real Time Torque and Drag Monitoring
    K. Sun, G.A. Paterson, T. Yu, C. Mu, H. Wang, T. Shen, Schlumberger

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