02 Downhole Tools I

Tuesday, 7 March
Lysefjorden A
Technical Session
Downhole tool systems are used during drilling operations for multiple purposes. This session presents papers that discuss three downhole tool systems that apply cutting-edge technology. The first paper presents a 4D radar system to display wellbore geometry while drilling a well, the following one shows the experience from drilling more than a hundred wells using wired drillpipe that resulted in risk reduction and drilling performance enhancement, and the last paper of the session covers a system for detecting stringer that substantially minimizes the invisible lost time during reaming operations.
Session Chairperson(s)
Marcel Boucher - NOV Inc.
Otto Santos - Louisiana State University
  • 1045-1115 212499
    4D Radar Imaging of Wellbore Geometry While Drilling
    L. Øy, I. Bye, M.E. Lauritzen, M. Herbert, K. Grunwald, WELL ID; A. Rød, Equinor ASA; D. Kane, ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS
  • 1115-1145 212549
    Detailed Dynamics Modeling Helps to Assess the Effect of Stabilizer Design on Drill String Vibrations
    K. Nguyen, M. Mahjoub, H.N. Dao, S. Menand, Helmerich & Payne
  • 1145-1215 212557
    Stringer Detection and Drilling System Significantly Reduces the Invisible Lost Time (IKT) Caused by Reaming
    A. Hohl, G. Houghton, D. MacFarlane, Baker Hughes

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