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9 Drilling Fluid Innovations

Tuesday, 7 March
Lysefjorden B
Technical Session
As wells become longer and deeper, temperatures and pressures higher and drilling windows start to close, innovations within drilling and completion fluids are needed to meet these challenges. Attend this session to learn more about lubricants better adapted for non-aqueous drilling fluids, a novel pilot-scale test facility for qualifying lightweight fluids, solids control testing of low-density hollow glass beads drilling fluid, and a case study about non-damaging HP/HT reservoir drilling and completion fluids.
Session Chairperson(s)
Paul Scott, Well Fluid Specialist - ConocoPhillips Co
Garrett Dawe - AkerBP
  • 1600-1630 212554
    Investigation of Lightweight Drilling Fluids for Stability, Properties, and Performance at Downhole Conditions Through a Novel Pilot Facility
    S. Bhagwat, A. Wileman, L. Gutierrez, Southwest Research Institute; S. Rao, V.P. Gupta, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
  • 1630-1700 212487
    Record-breaking Reservoir Drilling and Openhole Gravel Packing With Cesium Formate Fluids in a High-Pressure, Marginal Mud Window Environment at Martin Linge
    S.J. Nilsen, H.U. Obrestad, H. Kaarigstad, N. Mansurova, T.A. Solvoll, Equinor ASA; J.M. Løchen, S.K. Howard, B.M. Abrahams, C.M. Busengdal, Sinomine Specialty Fluids
  • 1700-1730 212480
    Low Friction Drilling Fluid Additive Technology
    N. Akaighe, S.C. Zeilinger, ExxonMobil Upstream; J. Cutler, D. Bhandari, J. Bunquin, ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company; N. Bharadwaj, ExxonMobil Product Solutions
  • 1730-1800 212470
    Full-scale Solids Control Testing of a Light Density Hollow Glass Beads Drilling Fluid
    N. Kostov, ExxonMobil URC; G. Penny, Contractor to ExxonMobil URC; J. White, NOV; N. Shoykhet, S.C. Zeilinger, ExxonMobil Upstream Co; V.P. Gupta, ExxonMobil URC
  • Alternate 212443
    Real-time Anomaly Detection Methodology for Drilling Fluids Properties
    M.N. Borges Filho, T. Melo, C.M. Scheid, L.A. Calçada, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro; A.T. Waldmann, G.T. Teixeira, A.L. Martins, PETROBRAS