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4 Drilling Mechanics II

Tuesday, 7 March
Mastrafjorden A
Technical Session
The industry continues to make giant positive strides in Drilling Optimisation, focusing on fundamental drilling concepts, physics-based discussions and a deeper understanding of all related disciplines – including Drilling Mechanics. This session, in addition to building onto what has already been achieved, challenges some of the industry’s currently held positions. Drilling dysfunctions are demystified based on innovative real-time and memory-based processes. Additionally, MSE shortfalls and limitations are identified and discussed, leading to new and appropriate recommendations for field deployment. Machine learning contributions to digital log generation, fluid circulation effects on Torque and Drag and process-based identification and avoidance of current drill-off-tests limitations will be discussed. In its totality, this must-see drilling mechanics session identifies drilling optimization challenges holistically. Most importantly, the discussions classify the next steps that must be tackled to achieve accelerated gains in drilling performance and project cost reductions.
Session Chairperson(s)
Håkon Skjelvik - TOMAX
Hermann Spoerker - Saudi Aramco D&WO
  • 1345-1415 212453
    A Control-Oriented Lumped Parameter Drillstring Dynamic Model for Real-time Vibration Mitigation and Drilling Optimization
    Y. Zhang, P. Ashok, D. Chen, E. van Oort, The University of Texas at Austin
  • 1415-1445 212536
    Modeling Of Axial Rotary Drilling Dynamics as a Step Towards Drilling Automation
    Z.W. Whitlow, M. Mahjoub, S. Auld, Helmerich & Payne
  • 1445-1515 212566
    Qualifying Bit Influence on High-frequency Torsional Oscillations Based on Full-Scale Laboratory Experiments
    A. Kueck, E. Everhard, X. Huang, F.G. Valbuena, H. Reckmann, J. Bomidi, Baker Hughes