01 Drilling Mechanics I - Torsional Dynamics

Tuesday, 7 March
Mastrafjorden A
Technical Session
High-Frequency Torsional Oscillation (HFTO) and stick slip continue to cause damage to drill bits, mud motors, rotary steerables and other downhole tools. Significant non-productive time can be prevented through proper understanding and mitigation of such torsional dynamics and stick slip. This session presents the latest advancement in sensor technologies, modelling and downhole tools that help us achieve this goal.
Session Chairperson(s)
John Bomidi - HCC (Baker Hughes)
Junichi Sugiura - Sanvean Technologies
  • 1045-1115 212500
    Mitigation of Drilling Dysfunction: Data Analysis and Physical Modelling Shine a New Light on HFTO
    A.B. Johnson, M.S. Balka, S. Bhoite, P.E. Crerar, A.B. Simon, J. Quinones, SLB
  • 1115-1145 212527
    Testing and Characterization of High-frequency Torsional Oscillations in a Research Lab to Develop New HFTO Suppressing Solutions
    E. Everhard, A. Kueck, X. Huang, S. Lam, D. Heinisch, H. Reckmann, J. Bomidi, Baker Hughes
  • 1145-1215 212521
    Experimental Verification of Vibration Mitigation Through a Viscous Damping System Along the Drill String
    A. Holsaeter, A. Ambrus, E. Cayeux, R.G. Mihai, S. Moi, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre
  • Alternate 212473
    2nd Mode Shape Torsional Vibration - Observation, Identification, Mitigation
    S. Keshiyev, Zerdalab; T. Naterstad, NOV; R. Murray, Equinor

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