14 Real Time Signal Interpretation

Wednesday, 8 March
Technical Session
Session Chairperson(s)
Crispin Chatar - Schlumberger
Sabrina Schjelderup - Aker BP ASA
  • 1345-1415 212537
    A General Framework to Describe Drilling Process States
    E. Cayeux, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; J.D. Macpherson, Baker Hughes; D. Pirovolou, Weatherford
  • 1415-1445 212472
    Interoperability of Real-time Drilling Signals at the Rig Site: An Example Based on Mechanical Specific Energy
    E. Cayeux, B. Daireaux, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; F. Florence, Rig Operations LLC; E. Solbu, NOV; J.D. Macpherson, Baker Hughes; D. Pirovolou, Weatherford; P. Annaiyappa, Nabors; M.L. Edwards, Edwards Energy Innovation Consulting LLC; D. Fett, TotalEnergies E&P USA Inc
  • 1445-1515 212509
    Towards the Correct Interpretation of Real-time Signals on the Well-site
    B. Daireaux, R. Ewald, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; A. Veberg, P. Markussen, Prediktor AS; H. Brackel, Baker Hughes INTEQ GMBH; M.D. Johansen, Sekal; M. Parak, Halliburton; A. ISMAYILOV, TotalEnergies
  • Alternate 212457
    Automatic Determination of Drill-string Geometry for Numerical Drilling Models
    B. Daireaux, L. Carlsen, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; E.W. Dvergsnes, Norcen Energy Resources; M.D. Johansen, N. Shanthirathne, Sekal; M. Balov, Equinor
  • Alternate 212476
    Cloud-Based Real-Time Well Engineering - Coupling Torque-and-Drag and Uncertainty Modeling
    Y. Chi, V. Kemajou, A. Rajan, R. Samuel, Halliburton
  • Alternate 212486
    Field Deployment of a LSTM Neural Network Approach for the Rock Formation Consolidation Inference of Brazilian Sandstone Reservoirs
    A.L. Martins, Petrobras; F.R. da Silva, ESSS; A.Z. Pereira, Petrobras; V. Carriço, ESSS

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