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7 Drilling Systems Automation

Tuesday, 7 March
Mastrafjorden A
Technical Session
This session presents cutting edge papers on drilling systems automation. The papers span broadly; automation of sub-processes to the complete rig, field testing results of automated 3D cuttings monitoring, autonomous directional drilling and automated modelling of tripping. Case studies include the world’s first offshore implementation of rig automation; automated drilling optimization based on high fidelity models and fault detection of automated drilling systems.
Session Chairperson(s)
Rolv Rommetveit - EDRILLING
Khaydar Valiullin - WellsX
  • 1600-1630 212569
    Field Testing of an Automated 3D Cuttings and Cavings Measurement Sensor
    S. Prez, S. Callerio, A.C. Montes, Ç. Turhan, P. Ashok, E. van Oort, The University of Texas at Austin; R. Pruitt, T.S. Thetford, T. Peroyea, M. Behounek, Apache Corporation
  • 1630-1700 212565
    Drilling Systems Automation: Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery Functions for Situational Awareness
    E. Cayeux, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; J.D. Macpherson, Baker Hughes; M. Laing, Halliburton; D. Pirovolou, Weatherford; F. Florence, Rig Operations LLC
  • 1700-1730 212507
    Autonomous Directional Drilling Simulator Development for the Drillbotics 2021-2022 Virtual Competition
    M. Fernandez Berrocal, A. Shashel, M. Usama, M. Hossain, E. Baris Gocmen, A. Tahir, D. Sui, University of Stavanger (UiS); F. Florence, Rig Operations, LLC
  • 1730-1800 212468
    Case Study of the World’S First Offshore Implementation of a Drilling Automation Platform with Multiple Closed-loop Applications
    N. Ronquillo, K. Birgisson, M. Ørevik, NOV; S. M Zurhan, M. A Murad, K. Khazali-Rosli, M. Abd Mokhti, J. Jamal, Petronas; J. Bailey, D. McEwan, D. Ng, Borr Drilling
  • Alternate 212484
    Drilling Parameter Optimization in Real-time
    A. Mal, S. Ødegård, S. Helgeland, J. Navabi, eDrilling; J. Skogestad, K. Bjorkevoll, Sintef; M. Lien, T. Weltzin, B. Rudshaug, Equinor
  • Alternate 212513
    Transient Modeling of Tripping Operations Enables Closed-Loop Limit Control of Tripping Processes to Reduce ILT While Maintaining Wellbore Safety
    P. Arevalo, G. Becker, R. May, M.J. Forshaw, S. Grymalyuk, G. Houghton, Baker Hughes; M. Lien, S. Hovda, Equinor ASA; K.A. Evensen, R. Reber, HMH