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15 Tubulars

Wednesday, 8 March
Lysefjorden B
Technical Session
The selection and installation of the completion in a new well is fundamental in the determination of the productivity and ultimate value of the asset. Intervention operations will determine the cost and value of operating and abandoning the asset. This session will focus on the integrity and durability of the assets. We will see how through-tubing technologies can be used in abandonment operations and how the durability of well heads can be improved through new designs which will reduce fatigue. Also, we will discuss how newly developed sand-screens can improve durability and integrity of the gravel pack and the well.
Session Chairperson(s)
Marta Lafuente - NOV Grant Prideco
Ashley Johnson - SLB
  • 1345-1415 212496
    Damping Identification from Subsea Logger Axial Riser Response Data
    H.H. Lim, S. McNeill, D.J. Kluk, M.J. Stahl, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.; K. Puskarskij, K.E. Hansen, Maersk Drilling
  • 1415-1445 212545
    Designing and Qualifying Equipment for a Potential World-Record Deepwater Casing Landing Operation
    T.W. Chase, Chevron U.S.A Inc.; A. Garcia, K. Marchman, Bureau Veritas North America; M. Mendoza, Chevron; C. von Eberstein, Expert Landing String Solutions; J. Tritz, N. Tritz, Workstrings International; C. Jordan, L.E. Smith, Expro
  • 1445-1515 212552
    Engineers’ Trilemma: Use and Limitation of Torque and Drag Models
    R. Samuel, Halliburton