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3 Innovative Use of Logging Data and its Environmental Impact

Tuesday, 7 March
Lysefjorden B
The industry constantly seeks new technologies and methodologies to enlarge the boundaries of tools that interpret the physical world of the borehole and its environs. This session explores examples of innovative use of logging data with environmental impact and what the future may hold in this realm.
Session Chairperson(s)
Crispin Chatar - SLB
Bertha Cardozo - Schlumberger Global Services
  • 1045-1115 212483
    Time-lapse Evaluation from Ultrasonic Pulse Echo and Pitch-catch Configuration and Sonic Logging Data for Potential Formation Creep and General Annulus Solids Segregation
    G.A. Obando Palacio, A. Govil, G. Agrawal, S. Gupta, SLB; L. Delabroy, T.G. Kristiansen, Aker BP
  • 1115-1145  
    Real-time Cement Job Signatures and LWD Sonic Logs Provide Well Integrity Barrier Placement Verification: A Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Case Study
    M.I. Dooply, SLB
  • 1145-1215 212459
    Annuli Material Pseudo-density Estimation from Standard Integrity Logging Data
    A.I. Merciu, Equinor ASA