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30 The Seas of Change

Wednesday, 8 March
Mastrafjorden A
Panel 1
The issues of how to build a relevant and modern business in the North Sea has caused tectonic shifts in business models, roles and relationships throughout the North Sea. In this session, leaders from the industry take a look at the disruptive models they have been introducing to their markets and share innovative new directions to meet business and society changes. Modernisation and collaboration to meet new climate needs in difficult cost environments will be a focus, differentiating from the way things have been done in the past. This will be a session of inspirational hope and optimism around where drilling can go from here.
Lola Cabellero - Maersk Drilling
Jan Gausdal Thorkildsen - Equinor ASA
Elisabeth Haram - Odfjell Energy
Mads Rødsjø - AkerBP
Alen Corak - SLB