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07 Automated Directional Drilling and ROP Optimization

Tuesday, 5 March
Grand Ballroom A
This session covers automated directional drilling and ROP optimization. Case studies show how these automated systems can increase the drilling speed and the operational efficiency of directional drilling
Junichi Sugiura - Sanvean Technologies
Ross Lowdon, Domain Head - SLB
  • 1555-1620 217689
    Directional Drilling with Scaled RSS and Virtual Well Control
    F. Florence, Rig Operations LLC
  • 1620-1645 217683
    Evolution Of Downhole Automation - From Push-the-bit To Point-the-bit Rotary Steerable Systems
    E. Brovko, M. Ignova, K. Mantle, Schlumberger UK Ltd; E. Zaitsev, Schlumberger Qatar; M. Rego, Schlumberger Norway; G. Gagandeep, Schlumberger Qatar; S.M. Alotaibi, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; L. Li, Schlumberger UK Ltd
  • 1645-1710 217685
    Recovery Control - Closing The Loop In Automated Control Systems
    S. Auld, Helmerich & Payne, Inc.; F. Hopwood, Helmerich & Payne Intl Drlg Co; S. Kern, W. Taylor, Helmerich and Payne, Inc.
  • 1710-1735 217693
    Cloud-to-driller’s HMI Closed-loop Drilling Automation: Field Test Results With Machine Learning Rop Optimizer
    K. Singh, Corva; T. Haddad, T. Borges, Nabors Industries; S.S. Yalamarty, J. Granados, M. Kamyab, Corva AI LLC; V. Satpute, C. Vanama, H. Arcement, Nabors Industries; C. Cheatham, Corva AI LLC
  • Alternate 217945
    Deploying At Scale Hand-free Autonomous Directional Drilling For Curve And Lateral
    S. Ba, SLB