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 International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2023  SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
  4-6 March 2025 | Stavanger Forum, Norway


Case Studies 1

Tuesday, 5 March
Grand Ballroom C
Reducing the cost of drilling operations is an ever-present goal. In this session, we will hear from operations where tool redesign has helped cut down drilling costs. This session will also introduce approaches to reduce vibrations from both a data analytics perspective as well as through the use of new tools.
John Bomidi - HCC (Baker Hughes)
Pradeep Ashok - The University of Texas at Austin
  • 1030-1055 217681
    Footage Increase By 50% And Drilling Dynamics Optimized In The Challenging Colombian Foothills Thorough Re-design of a Hybrid Bit Using a Novel Polygon Mesh Computational Simulation and Laboratory Test
    L.A. Munoz Salinas, Baker Hughes; L. Cuervo, Ecopetrol; X. Huang, R. Bradshaw, A. Belloso Damiano, J. Velasquez, N. Lyons, Baker Hughes
  • 1055-1120 217667
    Case Study: Deep Insights From Downhole Sensing Unlocks Extended Bit Footage for Economic Drilling of Vibration Prone Abrasive Sandstones in Central USA
    A. Hanafy, Baker Hughes Ltd; A. Kueck, A. Pauli, X. Huang, Baker Hughes; J. Bomidi, HCC (Baker Hughes)
  • 1120-1145 217675
    Improving Hole Cleaning By Using Distributed Damping Subs To Control Lateral Oscillations Of The Drill-string
    R. Mihai, A. Ambrus, E. Cayeux, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS
  • 1145-1210 217682
    Saving Pipe One Joint At A Time: The Use Of Welded Wear Bands To Protect Drill Pipe Tubes In Abrasive Formations
    A.J. Wells, P.E., Arnco Technology; D. Doles, P.E., M. Tappin, Jonah Energy; J.A. Reese, NOV Wellbore Technologies; R. Morgan, J. Kroger, K&M Technology Group; T. Horton III, M. Anderson, Ensign Energy Services; S. Broussard, Arnco Technology
  • Alternate 217952
    Drilling Evolution in the Top Section Offshore Arabian Gulf
    D. Kuravskiy, A. Alabi, Schlumberger