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09 Cementing & Zonal Isolation #1

Tuesday, 5 March
Grand Ballroom C
This session highlights experimental assessments of cement permeability, geopolymer performance, and thermal effects on shale barriers, and lessons learnt from many perf, wash and cement field operations.
Iain Cooper - SeekOps Inc
Jim McNicol - Archer
  • 1555-1620 217694
    Thermal Stimulation Of Annular Shale Barriers For Long-term Well Integrity
    E. van Oort, The University of Texas at Austin; A. Lucas, TotalEnergies Upstream Danmark A/S; J.O. Kverneland, Total E&P; R. Godøy, H. Reitan, Equinor ASA; M. Aldin, A. Thombare, MetaRock Laboratories
  • 1620-1645 217690
    Lessons Learned From 150 Jet-type Perforate, Wash And Cement Well Abandonment Operations
    L. Hovda, ConocoPhillips Norge; D.T. Mueller, A.C. Phadke, ConocoPhillips Co; P. Gonuguntla, TriDiagonal Solutions Inc
  • 1645-1710 217684
    Experimental Setup To Investigate The Permeability Of Annular Cement To Fluid Flow
    N. Opedal, E. Wiggen, B. Feneuil, E. N'Gouamba, A. Taghipour, R. Skorpa, SINTEF
  • 1710-1735 217688
    Replacing Portland Cement With Granite-based Geopolymers For Oil Well Applications; Conventional Two-part System
    A. Anya, Baker Hughes; M. Kamali, M. Khalifeh, University of Stavanger; Y. Haddad, L. Joppe, Baker Hughes