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17 Cementing & Zonal Isolation #2

Wednesday, 6 March
Grand Ballroom B
This session highlights the field evaluation of perf, wash and cement, and dual-string barrier operations, and novel isolation approaches using flexible self-healing cements and cementitious swell packers.
Iain Cooper - SeekOps Inc
Jim McNicol - Archer
  • 1600-1625 217712
    Improved Logging Techniques And Interpretation Experiences To Evaluate Perf-wash-cement Intervals
    A. Govil, SLB; R.G. Middleton, ConocoPhillips; K.C. Constable, Equinor; G. Obando Palacio, SLB; L. Hovda, D.T. Mueller, ConocoPhillips
  • 1625-1650 217741
    Novel Use Of Dual-string Barrier Evaluation For An Efficient Well Side-track
    A. Govil, SLB; T. Alvenes, Aker BP ASA; S. Bose, S. Zeroug, SLB; L. Delabroy, Aker BP ASA
  • 1650-1715 217723
    Flexible Self-repairing Cement System: A Permanent Isolation Solution In The Gulf Of Mexico
    N.F. Melo, A. Antunes, J. Cardozo, M. Munozrivera, R. Taranto, R. Taranto, SLB
  • 1715-1740 217704
    Cementitious Swell Packer (csp) Development And Testing
    M. Affleck, Aramco Overseas Ltd; C. Evans, P. Brewin, Concrete Canvas; K. Aghazada, Saudi Aramco
  • Alternate 217935
    Application Of Hydraulic Port Collars In Two Stage Cementing Operations Reduces Rig Time/drilling
    A. Loginov, TAM International Inc.; T. O'Grady, Cypress Energy Partners; B. McDaniel, ConocoPhillips Co