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05 Completion and Production Technologies: Modeling, Fatigue Management, Material Selection and Engineering

Tuesday, 5 March
Grand Ballroom B
Production and completion operations are key in optimizing the safety and efficiency of an asset. This session showcases the latest advancements in production and completion technologies for Oil and gas and CCS applications. It features smart solutions for design and execution, covering aspects such as fatigue management, advanced smart completion deployment through material selection, and numerical modeling.
Marta Lafuente - NOV Grant Prideco
Ruggero Trevisan - Altus Well Experts Inc.
  • 1345-1410 217673
    New Coiled Tubing Fatigue Management System With Real-time Vessel Data: Step-change To Cost And Reliability In Open-water Interventions
    S. Hassig, Z. Liu, K. Wilson, C. Bridge, P. Spesivtsev, B. Brouwer, N. Vodnikov, P. Ramondenc, SLB
  • 1410-1435 217666
    Implications Of Setting A Centralized Production Liner On Bottom: A Numerical Approach
    M. Esteva, BP America Inc
  • 1435-1500 217664
    Selection Of Corrosion Resistant Alloys For CCSAnd CCUS Injection Wells
    A.C. Rowe, Stress Engineering Services Inc; B. Craig, MetCorr
  • 1500-1525 217938
    Computational Design Of An Optimal Landing String Profile For Operations In Harsh Environments.
    V. Abnave, M. Shenoy, SLB
  • Alternate 217953
    Drill String Failures: Inevitable Or Not?
    G. Plessis, NOV Grant Prideco; D. Morgan, NOV; D. Meinders, NOV Inc.; C. Wade, NOV
  • Alternate 217961
    Maximizing Cut And Pull Casings For Plug And Abdonment
    R. Samuel, Halliburton