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 International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2023  SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
  4-6 March 2025 | Stavanger Forum, Norway


Knowledge Sharing ePoster 2

Tuesday, 5 March
Isabel Poletzky - Weatherford
  • 1345-1400 217955
    Enhancing Operational Efficiency in Directional Drilling Through Precise Hole Bottom Orientation
    H. Sahli, S. Ba, M. Omr, O. Olanubi, D. Galindo, SLB
  • 1400-1415 217944
    Enhancing Well Integrity: Spectral Acoustic Diagnosis and Biomineralization Remediation in The United States
    M. Volkov, TGT Oil & Gas Services; J. Griffin, BioSqueeze
  • 1415-1430 217931
    Settled Barite As A Potential Barrier Material: A Field Case Study
    E. N'gouamba, M.H. Bhuiyan, A.M. Stroisz, A. Taghipour, R. Skorpa, SINTEF
  • 1440-1455 217939
    Avoiding High Local Doglegs by Integrating the Drill Bit into the Rotary Steerable System
    M. Hahn, D. Heinisch, C.G. Small, I.E. Cuadros, R. Duerholt, M. Bilen, Baker Hughes
  • 1455-1510 217951
    Mechanistic Study and Chemical Design of a New Lubricant for High Salinity Drilling Fluids
    J. Brockhoff, M. Taylor, S. Dubberley, K. Ma, C. Jaska, Secure Energy
  • 1510-1525 217949
    Use of Operational Standard Practices to Generate Standardized Digital Well Programs and Work Instructions in Program Builder and Rig Site Execution Delivers More Competitive Wells
    J. Jallorina, E. Ogbunamiri, D. Zimpfer, Shell plc; C. Sorensen, J. Myre, Stimline