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PS02 Expanded Knowledge Sharing Session 2

Tuesday, 5 March
Janelle Daniel - Transocean
  • Alternate 217955
    Enhancing Operational Efficiency In Autonomous Directional Drilling Through Precise Hole Bottom Orientation
    H. Sahli, Schlumberger Technology Corp.; S. Ba, SLB
  • Alternate 217944
    Enhancing Well Integrity: Spectral Acoustic Diagnosis And Biomineralization Remediation In The United States
    M. Volkov, TGT Oil & Gas Services; J. Griffin, BioSqueeze
  • Alternate 217931
    Settled Barite As A Potential Barrier Material: A Field Case Study
    E. Ngouamba, M.H. Bhuiyan, A.M. Stroisz, A. Taghipour, R. Skorpa, SINTEF
  • Alternate 217948
    Optimal Well Placement Based On Natural Fracture Prediction And 3d Coupled Geomechanical Modelling For The Matachin Field, Colombia
    H. Cifuentes Ramirez, HOCOL S.A; M. Haas, Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc; J. Saavedra Ahumada, Y. Ordonez, HOCOL S.A; J. Acosta Gomez, Schlumberger; C. Sorgi, Schlumberger Petrotechnical Services; F. Abad, SCHLUMBERGER D&I; A. Hussein, Schlumberger
  • Alternate 217939
    Avoiding High Local Doglegs By Integrating The Drill Bit Into The Rotary Steerable System
    M. Hahn, D. Heinisch, C.G. Small, I.E. Cuadros, R. Duerholt, M. Bilen, Baker Hughes