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 International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2023  SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
  4-6 March 2025 | Stavanger Forum, Norway


Knowledge Sharing ePoster 3

Tuesday, 5 March
Adebowale Solarin - Noble Drilling Corporation
  • 1600-1615 217942
    The Effect of Drilling Fluid Contamination on the Properties of Granite-Based Geopolymers at Elevated Temperature
    P. Khalili, M. Khalifeh, A. Saasen, University of Stavanger
  • 1615-1630 217943
    Quantifying The Effect Temperature, Foam Quality And Fluid Loss Agent Have On The Fluid Loss Performance Of Foam Cement
    W. Pearl, Halliburton Energy Services; L. Padilla, Chevron; T. Patterson, Halliburton Energy Services
  • 1630-1645 217941
    Addressing The Energy Trilemma: Offshore Drilling Rig Decarbonization
    F. Falck, Noble Drilling
  • 1655-1710 217960
    Drilling Advisory Automation with Digital Twin and AI Technologies
    J. Cao, J. Nabavi, S. Ødegård, eDrilling
  • 1710-1725 217934
    Raising the Bar: Why an Industrial Standard for Testing Hydraulic Sealability of Well Abandonment Materials in Laboratory is Essential for Well Integrity
    R. Skorpa, N. Opedal, SINTEF; M. Khalifeh, P. Moreira, University of Stavanger
  • 1725-1740 217959
    Establishing a Validation Process for Survey Correction Algorithms
    J. Albright, Superior QC LLC