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21 Geothermal Heat Management

Thursday, 7 March
Grand Ballroom C

In this session we will explore heat management in detail from a geothermal context.   

Case studies involving heat management in the drilling

process, as well as complex temperature models for production will be discussed with the outcomes being lower Capex and Opex cost for the operators of geothermal wells. 

Govert Zijderveld - GustoMSC BV
Ross Lowdon, Domain Head - SLB
  • 0800-0825 217753
    The Insulated Drill Pipe - Field Experience And Thermal Model Validation
    A. Vetsak, Eavor Technologies Inc.; C. Besoiu, Eavor Technologies; M. Hodder, Eavor Technologies Inc.
  • 0825-0850 217749
    Downhole Temperature Estimation In Geothermal Wells Using A Deep Learning Model Based On Lstm Neural Networks
    M.S. Khaled, University of Texas At Austin; N. Wang, P. Ashok, E. van Oort, The University of Texas At Austin
  • 0850-0915 217747
    Managed Temperature Drilling: An Automated Real-time Controller For Downhole Temperature Control In Geothermal And High-Pressure High-Temperature Wells
    A. Luu, N. Wang, Q. Gu, M. Khaled, P. Ashok, D. Chen, E. van Oort, The University of Texas At Austin
  • 0915-0940 217757
    Investigating Wellbore Flashing And Steam Kick Behaviors During Geothermal Drilling Operations: An Advanced Numerical Modeling Case Study
    C. Wei, Y. Chen, Louisiana State University; V. Dokhani, YU Technologies Inc.; O.L. Santos, Louisiana State University