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Leading Edge Geothermal Technology: the Race Heats Up

Thursday, 7 March
Grand Ballroom C
Commercially feasible geothermal energy production requires significant advances in today’s drilling technologies. Understanding drilling dysfunctions, temperature prediction and management, and well control implications all change. Our industry has learned safety, longevity and consistency are critical enablers for cost-effective access to resources. How does this change with geothermal?
John Thorogood - Drilling Global Consultant LLP
Blaine Dow - SLB
  • 1240-1305 217737
    Comparing Drilling Anomaly Prediction by Purely Data-Driven and Hybrid Analysis Methods - Case Study of Utah FORGE Geothermal Wells
    A.C. Montes, P. Ashok, E. van Oort, The University of Texas At Austin
  • 1305-1330 217725
    Continued Advances in Performance in Geothermal Operations at FORGE Through Limiter-Redesign Drilling Practices
    F. Dupriest, S. Noynaert, Texas A&M University