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02 Maximizing the Value of Our Data – Through Breaking Barriers

Tuesday, 5 March
Grand Ballroom B
In this session we consider how to extract value from data instead of letting it just accumulate in our databases. Rather than leaving data analytics as a standalone, by integrating it into the Engineering domain the gained actionable insights become real, applicable, and valuable. We look at the challenges of sharing data across multiple domains, the challenges and critical importance of understanding data relationships, plus where and how different data is sourced. Finishing with a demonstration of the integration of these multiple data streams using Large Language Models.  
Paul Scott, Well Fluid Specialist - ConocoPhillips Co
Ashley Johnson - SLB
  • 1035-1100 217665
    Well Construction In The Era Of Big Data: It’s Not Data Analytics, It’s Engineering With Data
    G. Payette, ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company; P. Pastusek, ExxonMobil Upstream Company; N. Kostov, ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company; Y. Witt-Doerring, Halliburton; J. Bailey, Independent Consultant
  • 1100-1125 217669
    Blind Trust: Challenges In Data Sharing For Oil And Gas Well Construction
    M. Willerth, A. Piskin, R. Fortney, Helmerich & Payne; D. Gibson, Gibson Reports
  • 1125-1150 217668
    The Role Of Semantic Networks In Mitigating Risk During Data Exchange In Multi-discplinary Well Construction
    E. Cayeux, B. Daireaux, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; J. Macpherson, Baker Hughes; M. Laing, Halliburton; C. Damski, Genesis Petroleum Technologies Pty Ltd; P. Annaiyappa, Nabors Corporate Services; J. Carney, NOV Inc.
  • 1150-1215 217671
    Enhancing Information Retrieval In The Drilling Domain: Zero-shot Learning With Large Language Models For Question-answering
    F. Pacis, University of Stavanger; S. Alyaev, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; T. Wiktorski, University of Stavanger
  • Alternate 217957
    Applying Artificial Intelligence To Optimize Engine Power Demand
    N. Jones, J. Hall, Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.