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08 MPD & Well Integrity

Tuesday, 5 March
Grand Ballroom B
This session will highlight findings related to how to improve casing design for MPD wells in real time, results of a mechanistic model to understand wellbore integrity after a blowout, improving surge and swab predictions for tripping operations, and use of integrated riser joints in deepwater MPD operations.
Otto Santos - Louisiana State University (Petr. Eng. Dept)
Isabel Poletzky - Weatherford
  • 1555-1620 217692
    Real-Time Casing Design Optimization For MPD Wells Through Improved Kick Tolerance Analysis
    S. Callerio, E. van Oort, P. Ashok, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Alternate 217691
    Revisiting Post-Blowout Wellbore Integrity: Mechanistic Modeling Of The Stress Evolutions Within The Casing-Cement Sheath-Rock Formation System
    J. Khan, A. Khouissat, A. Michael, University of North Dakota
  • Alternate 217686
    Factors Influencing The Precision Of Swab And Surge Predictions During Tripping Operations
    E. Cayeux, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; A. Ambrus, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre; E. Dvergsnes, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; M. Dahle Johansen, Sekal; M. Balov, Equinor
  • Alternate 217687
    Review Of Design And Operation Of The Integrated Riser Joints Used In Deepwater MPD Operations
    N. KULKARNI, A. Gonzalez-Luis, L. Hollman, Blade Energy Partners