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Performance Drilling: Enhancing Efficiency and Insight

Wednesday, 6 March
Grand Ballroom A
This session provides insight into technologies and methodologies for improving the efficiency of the well construction process. Emphasis is placed on unveiling downhole phenomena and what measures can be taken to improve process efficiency and safety through advancements in Physics based approaches and digital technologies.
Junichi Sugiura - Sanvean Technologies
  • 1350-1415 217719
    Interpretation of Along-String-Measurements and Downhole Tool Data as A Solution for Intelligent Hole Cleaning in Real-time
    C. Chatar, J. Converset, S. Sharma, SLB
  • 1415-1440 217742
    Experimental Visualization of the Effect of Flow Rate on Downhole Drilling Vibration
    E. Maitra, M. Al Dushaishi, Oklahoma State University
  • 1440-1505 217724
    Improving Weight-on-Bit and Differential Pressure Measurements With Connection Automation Systems and Pattern Recognition
    M. Kaya, B. Lanzet, C. Christopher, A. Groh, S. Poludasu, D. Dunbar, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company
  • 1505-1530 217727
    Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE): Claims and Implications - Facts, Fallacies, and Pitfalls (Part-2)
    G. Mensa-Wilmot, XCIDrill Technology LLC; R. Samuel, Halliburton
  • Alternate 217960
    Drilling Advisory Automation with Digital Twin and AI Technologies
    J. Cao, J. Nabavi, S. Ødegård, eDrilling