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 International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2023  SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
  4-6 March 2025 | Stavanger Forum, Norway


Performance Drilling II

Wednesday, 6 March
Grand Ballroom A

Increasing drilling performance through the application of technology is a core tenet of our industry. This session will explore the use of automation, predictive analysis, and deterministic measurements to improve well deliverability.

With emphasis on how data precision & processing positively impact operating performance, the session will also centre around drilling fluids and hole stability, as well as hole cleaning and fluid property controls and how speed and precision in decision making, reduces the effects of unplanned events and the likelihood of large non-productive outcomes.

Derek Adam - Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Piero D'Ambrosio - BP America Inc
  • 1600-1625 217736
    Automatic Determination of Cuttings and Cavings Properties for Hole Cleaning and Wellbore Stability Assessment Using a Laser-based Sensor
    A.C. Montes, S. Callerio, Ç. Turhan, P. Ashok, E. van Oort, The University of Texas At Austin
  • 1625-1650 217739
    A Journey Through the Development of Drilling Fluids Automation System
    A. Geetha Krishnan, C. Thompson Jr, E. Onegova, F. Fevang, S. Postovalov, F. Abdul Razak, A. Knizhnik, R. Ettehadi Osgouei, Baker Hughes; J. Brevik, Statoil Norway; M. Jacob, Baker Hughes
  • 1650-1715 217740
    Real-time Automated Pore Pressure And Wellbore Stability Updates In A Digital Twin, Using Smart Agents And Log Predictions Ahead Of Bit, Example From Norwegian Continental Shelf
    A.E. Lothe, O. Roli, SINTEF Industry; J. Skogestad, SINTEF; P.R. Cerasi, SINTEF Industry; M. Boukili, T. Kristiansen, Aker BP ASA; A. Grøver, SINTEF Industry; S. Wølstad-Knudsen, Kongsberg Digital
  • 1715-1740 217940
    The New Era of Deep-Water Drilling Through Integrated Automation Technologies: a Gulf of Mexico Case Study
    A. Lazzari, F. Iolli, G. Leo, ENI Spa; L. Bianchi, N. Sharma, C. Gugliemo, ENI US Operating; T. Yost, NOV Inc.; F. Ferrari, Saipem Spa