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12 Rig Decarbonization, Efficiency, Safety and Climate Change Impact

Wednesday, 6 March
Grand Ballroom C
With more opportunities to make an impact on the climate and looking for alternatives to maintain rig efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint, this session will discuss an innovative alternative fuel, how a novel energy storage system enables operations with zero generators online and the climate change impact through a life-cycle assessment of Offshore drilling operations. Also, it will be discussed the importance of training and how going back to the roots improves the safety of operations. 
Bertha Cardozo - Schlumberger Global Services
  • 0800-0825 217708
    Energy Storage System Enables Operations With Zero Generators Online
    M. Snijder van Wissenkerke, J. Harrist, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC; J. Lowery, EQT Corporation
  • 0825-0850 217716
    World’s First Demonstration Of Hydrogen Blending In Dual-fuel Engines On A Drilling Rig
    W. Kernan, Caterpillar; M. Snijder Van Wissenker, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC; J. Lowery, EQT Corporation; B. Geswein, M. Parker, J. Preis, Caterpillar
  • 0850-0915 217701
    Climate Change Impact Of Upstream Oil And Gas Development - A Life-cycle Assessment (lca) Case Study Of Offshore Drilling Operations.
    M. Emborg, Technical University of Denmark
  • 0915-0940 217699
    Application Of Gamification Techniques In Well Control Training And Competency
    J.W. Jensen, Chevron U.S.A.; F. Ozkan, T. Kettler, Baylor University
  • 0940-1005 217721
    The Implementation Of Safety-II: Learning From Normal Work In Practice
    T. Koester, Noble Corporation
  • Alternate 217958
    Why Shell UK Digitized Offshore Drilling Logistics Operations, And How Our Journey Can Create Value For Other Companies
    D.J. Pearson, Kabal Ltd; C. Bruce, Shell Oil Co.