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 International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2023  SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
  4-6 March 2025 | Stavanger Forum, Norway


Emerging Technologies in Drilling

Wednesday, 6 March
Grand Ballroom B

A wide range of cutting-edge advancements and innovations present uncharted territory for the drilling landscape, with many of these tech-driven approaches indicating potential for disruptive change. We investigate a diverse range of applications and perspectives, as we learn how they can support drilling operations, processes and decision-making.

Please note: in the spirit of the session, the session name and description were compiled using ChatGPT.

Deep Joshi - Quantum Capital Group
Sarah Kern - Helmerich & Payne
  • 1350-1415 217717
    Speech Recognition Technology Used to Detect Drill String Breakover and Optimize Drilling Tasks
    A. Groh, M.E. Kaya, D. Dunbar, Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC
  • 1415-1440 217697
    Evaluating Profitability of Hybrid Approach for Early Stuck-sign Detection: Analyzing False Alarms and Quantifying Reduction in Nonproductive Time
    T. Kaneko, T. Inoue, Y. Nakagawa, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology; R. Wada, The University of Tokyo; S. Abe, Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security; G. Yasutake, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.; K. Fujita, INPEX CORPORATION
  • 1440-1505 217700
    Applications of Large Language Models in Well Construction Planning and Real-time Operation
    M. Yi, Intellicess; K. Ceglinski, P. Ashok, Intellicess, Inc.; M. Behounek, S. White, T. Peroyea, T. Thetford, Apache Corp.
  • 1505-1530 217954
    Physics-guided Data Augmentation Combined with Unsupervised Learning Improves Stability and Accuracy of Bit Wear Deep Learning Model
    X. Huang, T. Luu, Baker Hughes; G. Zhan, Saudi Aramco PE&D; Y. Qahtani, Saudi Aramco D&WO; A. Aljohar, Saudi Aramco PE&D; T. Furlong, Baker Hughes; J. Bomidi, HCC (Baker Hughes)