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Torsional Dynamics: Deeper Dive

Tuesday, 5 March
Grand Ballroom A
High-Frequency Torsional Oscillation (HFTO) and stick slip continue to cause damage to drill bits, mud motors, rotary steerables and other downhole tools. Additionally, these dynamic events have drastic negative effects on operational efficiency, wellbore placement, and several other conditions.  Significant non-productive time can be prevented through proper understanding and mitigation of such torsional dynamics and stick slip. This session presents the latest advancement in sensor technologies, modelling and downhole tools that help us achieve this goal.
Junichi Sugiura - Sanvean Technologies
Graham Mensa-Wilmot - XCIDrill Technology LLC
  • 1345-1410 217674
    Mitigating Drilling Dysfunction: Stopping HFTO Where It Starts
    A. Johnson, SLB Cambridge Research; H. Panayirci, Schlumberger Cambridge Research; D. Scott, SLB Cambridge Research; O. Gjertsen, M.L. Cazares Gomez, SLB
  • 1410-1435 217677
    Effectiveness Of HFTO-damper Assembly Proven By Extensive Case Study In Permian Basin
    A. Hohl, C. Herbig, H. Reckmann, C. Schepelmann, F. Mau, L. Rabe, V. Peters, Baker Hughes
  • 1435-1500 217678
    Using Big Data To Spotlight HFTO
    S. Bhoite, SLB; A. Johnson, SLB Cambridge Research; A. Mukhtar, D. Long, S. Singh, N. Peot, SLB
  • 1500-1525 217676
    Decentralized Active Control Of Distributed Damping Subs For Stick-Slip Reduction In Drilling
    P.M. Nüsse, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; A. Ambrus, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre; O.M. Aamo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology