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01 Wellbore Quality – Measurements, Computations, and Models

Tuesday, 5 March
Grand Ballroom A
This session focuses on the quality of the borehole as the result of the wellbore construction process. New technologies, methods, and mathematical models provide new information on the characteristics of the borehole that allows to visualize and quantify different levels of tortuosity and their implications for running casing and BHA components.
Eric Maidla - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia
Adrian Ledroz - Gyrodata Inc.
  • 1035-1100 217662
    Analysis Of Wellbore Spirals And Ledges Using High-resolution Caliper Data And Signal Processing Techniques
    M. Chordar, BP; L. Øy, Well ID; H. Skadsem, University of Stavanger
  • 1100-1125 217659
    A Novel Approach To Borehole Quality Measurement In Unconventional Drilling
    I. Fonseca, Nabors Drilling Solutions; P. Pastusek, ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions Co; M. Isbell, Hess Corp.; S. Sowers, G. Payette, Exxon Mobil Corporation; D. Avdeev, Nabors Drilling Solutions; B. Tingey, N. Capuzzo, Taskfronterra
  • 1125-1150 217661
    Improving Casing Running Efficiency Through A Comprehensive Wellbore Quality Scorecard: A Data-driven Approach
    C. Cockburn, N. Huseynzade, A. Rasul-Zada, bp
  • 1150-1215 217660
    Casing Runnability Indicator While Drilling: Adaptive Threading Of Engineering Models With Real Time Data
    R. Samuel, Halliburton