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The IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition Program Committee invites you to submit a paper proposal, for potential inclusion, in the technical program. Contribute to the future of the drilling industry and create an impact in the drilling community.


The deadline to submit a paper proposal is Thursday 8 June 2023.

Technical Topics

Drilling Process and Technology

  • Bits
  • Drilling and Completion Fluids
  • Cementing and Zonal Isolation
  • Downhole Tools
  • Directional Drilling
  • Hole Placement and Borehole Quality
  • Drilling Mechanics (Vibration, Stick Slip, etc.)
  • Geoscience (Rock Mechanics)
  • HP/HT
  • Drilling Process Safety and Uncertainty
  • Managed Pressure and Underbalanced Drilling
  • Geothermal Drilling


  • Risers and Conductors
  • Drilling Tubulars
  • Casing and Zonal Isolation Tools
  • Production Tubulars

Deepwater and SubSea

  • Deepwater Drilling and Completions
  • Deepwater Methods and Technologies
  • Deepwater Drilling Rigs
  • Deepwater Well Control
  • Subsea Wells

Completions and Field Development

  • Completion Technology
  • Well Intervention
  • Field Development

Management and Systems

  • Health, Safety, Environment
  • Process Safety
  • Drilling Management
  • Performance Drilling
  • Well Control—Procedures and Technologies
  • Planning—Risk Management, Well Cost, Scheduling
  • People—Competence and Training, Employer Relations
  • Contracts
  • Digitization, Safety Technologies and Metrics

Leading and New Technologies/ Methodologies

  • Innovative Technologies
  • Special Techniques (Through-Tubing Drilling, Drilling with Casing, Expandables)
  • Well Construction Process Automation and Robotics
  • Advances in Well Construction Process
  • Remote Real-Time Operating Centers and Data Analytics
  • Closed Loop Directional Drilling
  • Digital Transformation
  • New Generation Skillsets for Advancements in Well Construction
  • Data Science/Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated Directional Drilling

Case Studies

  • Low Cost Wells
  • Extended-Reach Wells
  • Deep Well Drilling
  • Frontier Operations and Extreme Environments
  • Unconventional Projects
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Integration of Rigs and Services
  • Challenging Projects that Overcame Adversity
  • Reactivations
  • Challenging Shallow Water Operations

Environmental Social Governance 

  • Low Carbon and CO2 Emissions
  • CO2 Geosequestration Wells
  • Energy Efficiency and Fuel Consumption on Offshore Drilling Rigs
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Geothermal
  • Waste Management
  • Scope 1 Emissions


your influence as part of an exceptional technical program



your technical knowledge and experience to industry colleagues



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Additional Information

Paper Proposal Information

Please note that abstract submissions should be formatted into four (4) specific paragraphs:

  • Objectives/Scope: Please list the objectives and/or scope of the proposed paper. (25-75 words)
  • Methods, Procedures, Process: Briefly explain your overall approach, including your methods, procedures and process. (75-100 words)
  • Results, Observations, Conclusions: Please describe the results, observations and conclusions of the proposed paper. (100-200 words)
  • Novel/Additive Information: Please explain how this paper will present novel (new) or additive information to the existing body of literature that can be of benefit to and/or add to the state of knowledge in the petroleum industry. (25-75 words)

The following guidelines apply:

  • DO NOT include title or author information in your abstract
  • Word Minimum: 225
  • Word Maximum: 450

General Guidelines

  • Obtain the necessary clearance from your management, your partners, and customers BEFORE submission
  • Authors whose paper proposals are accepted will be required to provide a manuscript for inclusion in the conference proceedings.
  • Authors who do not submit a manuscript and the associated publication forms by the manuscript due date will be withdrawn from the program and will not be allowed to present per SPE’s No Paper, No Podium policy
  • If accepted, your paper proposal may be published, as submitted, in conference information media, including on the SPE website.
  • An agreement to present a paper at this SPE conference carries an obligation to participate in the event. Please review SPE's Author Guidelines for Papers.

A Word on Commercialism

SPE has a stated policy against use of commercial trade names, company logos, or text that is commercial in tone in the paper title, text, or presentation slides. Use of such terms will result in careful scrutiny by the Program Committee in the evaluation of paper proposals, and the presence of commercialism in the paper will result in it being withdrawn from the program.

Plagiarism Check

In an effort to further improve SPE’s technical quality standards, all submitted papers will be checked for plagiarism.

Author Resources

If you are interested in writing a paper, SPE has a variety of resources to help you contribute to the knowledge and future of the upstream oil and gas industry.

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