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 International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2023  SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
  4-6 March 2025 | Stavanger Forum, Norway

Advanced Pressure Transient Analysis

This presentation examines in detail the mathematical basis for well test interpretation, starting with the concept of an ideal reservoir model and the partial differential equations used to describe single-phase and multi-phase flow in porous media. It discusses the use of dimensionless variables and type curves in pressure transient analysis, and describes interpretation methods for anisotropic, hetereogenous and multi-phase reservoirs. It also provides an overview of computer applications in pressure transient analysis, discusses specialized well testing procedures and their applications, and describes mathematical tools used in pressure transient analysis, including Transformations, applications of the Superposition Principle, Convolution/Deconvolution Methods, and Pressure Derivative Analysis.

Duration:  4 hours


  • Pressure Transient Testing: Overview
  • Differential Flow Equations for Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Dimensionless Variables and Their Applications
  • Type Curves
  • Pressure Transient Analysis in Anisotropic Reservoirs
  • Pressure Transient Analysis in Heterogeneous Reservoirs
  • Pressure Transient Analysis in Multi-Phase Reservoirs
  • Pressure Transient Analysis-Computer Applications
  • Pressure Transient Analysis-Specialized Well Testing Techniques
  • Pressure Transient Analysis-Mathematical Tools
  • Advanced Pressure Transient Analysis: References and Additional Information
  • Well Testing Nomenclature and Systems of Units

This online training course is categorized under the Drilling discipline.

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