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 International Drilling Conference and Exhibition 2023  SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
  4-6 March 2025 | Stavanger Forum, Norway

Matthew Forshaw

Matthew Forshaw

Global Product Director – Automation, Baker Hughes

Matthew Forshaw started his career in the upstream Oil & Gas industry as a field engineer for Baker Hughes Drilling Services’ business.  After moving through several operations roles, he moved into systems engineering to bring domain knowledge to the technology department developing Baker’s automation platform.  This included the system which drilled the world’s first section from a offshore installation in closed-loop control of directional drilling assembly.  Matthew now leads development of a suite of disruptive digital products which strive to reduce upstream well construction CAPEX for E&Ps through NPT & ILT reduction, process digitization & automation, and enablement of remote operations.  He has a BSc in geology and geophysics from Lancaster University and the University of Calgary.